What we do.

The examination, treatment, and instruction of persons, in order to detect, assess, prevent,correct, alleviate, and limit physcial disability and bodily malfunction. Treatment may consist of a range of exercise, stretching, endurance training, postural and gait training, or modalities.

The evaluation and treatment of physical or emotional conditions by the use of activities related to normal "occupations". Treatment may address emotional or behavioral disturbances that affect the ability to perform daily tasks. Treatment may included the use of strengthening, stretching, modalities, and activities of daily living.

The rehabilitation of swallowing difficulties, speaking skill and the impairment of language. Speech Therapy works with oral motor deficits, memory loss and other "thought" problems. Speech Therapy can treat: language disorders, motor speech disorders, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, and impaired cognitive skills.

Joyner Therapy services is a family owned and operated business proud to serve southern Illinois! We are proud to offer exclusive treatments like ASTYM , aquatic therapy, women's health program, and a balance program. You can choose us through one of our three conveniently located outpatient clinics, several long term care/nursing facilites throughout southern Illinois, or by calling us for your home health needs!

"Joyner Therapy Services did a tremendous job of rehabilitating my shoulder after surgery. All of the individuals I worked with helped push me through the recovery process. I was very fearful of doing any more damage to my shoulder, but Noah and the PTA's help me realize the overall growth during the porcess. I feel my shoulder getting stronger every day and I have them to thank. I am now spiking a volleyball, throwing overhand, and putting fear back into my player's eyes!"

-Ashley Allbritton