Workman's Compensation

Getting hurt at work can be a tough, trying time in your life. At Joyner Therapy Services, we are here to help you! We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, work conditioning, work hardening, and ergonomics. We also have many therapists that are trained to provide functional capacity evaluations. Let us help you heal and get back to work! 


Rehab-to-Work is a comprehensive industrial medicine program designed to both help patients and employers.


Our services assist employers:

  • Ensure hiring quality employees that have been tested and can physically perform all job duties without injury.
  • Create wellness programs fit for your company to help reduce injury, sustain employee health, and negotiate lower work comp premiums!
  • Treat patients after an injury with our revolutionary OCCUPRO system , which provides outstanding documentation, testing, and results!

We also provide services for patients that may be required for them to return to normal work duties, such as:

  • Work Conditioning
  • Work Hardening
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

The program can be specifically designed for your companies needs! Give us at call at 618-998-9894  to learn how Rehab-to-Work can help your business!