Pelvic Health Program

Both men and women face an abundance of pelvic health issues. These issues can be embarrassing, pain, debilitating, or just inconvenient. Don’t let the discomfort and stress of these health issues keep you from enjoying your daily life. Dr. Jessica Cook treats our patients with the upmost discretion and is specially trained in this area of expertise. Let her give you the tools to take your life back! Call us today for a drug-free way to treat you!


Our Pelvic Health Program is provided by Dr. Jessica Cook. Dr. Cook graduated from University of Evansville in 2011 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. In 2012, she began her pelvic health training. She is passionate about women's health and would love to help you regain self-confidence and overall well-being!


"Pelvic physical therapy is the treatment of pelvic disorders in women, men, and children. Common problems include urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and constipation, and pelvic pain. What I love most about treating patients with pelvic disorders, is how life-changing the results are. When a woman is embarrassed to go out with her friends because she leaks when she laughs, that's a problem. When a man has to call into work, or leave work early, because he couldn't control his bowels, that's a problem. I can make these issues better and give the patient the knowledge they need to be more independent and do the activities they want to do! Most importantly, I want people to know, you don't have to live with pelvic issues. Urinary incontinence is common, so common, but IT IS NOT NORMAL. Just because you are 'a certain age', or you 'have children' does not mean it is okay to not have control over your bladder and bowels. " - Dr. Jessica Cook